Instant Wheat Dosa / Godhuma Dosa / Atta Dosa With Onion Chutney

It is an instant wheat dosa and is yet another healthy version of the delicious South Indian dosa. This instant dosa is one of my favorites. It is very easy to prepare, in my wheat dosa recipe only contains wheat flour that is diluted in water and then tempered with ginger, green chilies and onion.

I prepared onion chutney with the dosa; you can even prepare coconut chutney, which also goes best with wheat dosa. This is one of those best dish for busy breakfast

Let us go to this quick dosa recipe and let me know what you think.

Instant Wheat Dosa / Godhuma Dosa / Atta Dosa With Onion Chutney

Prep time             : 10 minutes
Cooking time      : 20 minutes
Total time            : 30 minutes

Serves           : 2-3

Category      : Breakfast
Cuisine         : South Indian


2 Cups of wheat flour (atta or chapati flour)
1 Tablespoon ginger, chopped
2-3 Green chilies, chopped
3-4 Shallots, minced
Water as needed
Salt as required
Oil for making dosa


  • Mix everything given under ingredients needed well. Gently mix the batter until the consistency is thin and have pouring consistency.
  • Heat your dosa tawa and using a ladle of batter, pour it in the center of the tawa and spread it a circular motion.
  • Keeping flame on medium-low, drizzle some oil and Cook it for 3-4 minutes on one side until the bottom turns little crispy and golden brown.
  • Flip it over and cook for 2 minutes on other side too.
  • Continue to cook the rest of the wheat dosas.

Serve with onion chutney and enjoy.

Onion Chutney

Prep time     : 15 minutes

Servings       : 2-3


Dried red chilies – 4 (or as required)
Pearl onions/shallots -1 cup peeled
Tamarind – small piece
1 Tablespoon oil
Salt as required


  • Heat oil in a pan add red chilies, shallots, tamarind and needed salt, sauté until pearl onions turns pink.
  • Switch off the flame and Leave it to cool. Then grind everything together to a smooth paste.


  • Adjust red chilies according to your spice level.
  • You can even use big onions; this chutney tastes great with pearl onions/shallots.

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